Alex Ander vs Bastian Karim Photos


Bastian Karim just turned 21 a few days ago and he and his best friend Alex celebrated the birthday boy all weekend. The 2 friends have known each other for 5 years now, they met at a summer camp in Germany and been friends ever since. But this weekend, something happened Bastian told us. Apparently, the 2 boys were pretty drunk and very touchy-feely toward each other, though nothing more happened between them. That's when they realized that there was something there but couldn't figure out what that really was. Bastian shot videos for us a few times in the past and when he heard that we had a new site, he loved the idea of him and Alex fighting to see where it would lead :) So there they are. Alex is a handsome guy so we understood why Bastian would like to get some body contact with the dude. So that's what we did. We told them to just go for it and start wrestling. From the get-go, we could tell there was some sexual frustration. The 2 boys had a very serious look and probably very anxious too. After all, we told them that the loser would get fucked. After some very hot wrestling, it was obvious that Alex had won the match and the smile he gave when he realized what that meant was awesome!!! He was going to fuck his buddy. He took out his massive uncut cock and shoved it into Bastian's mouth. This was long overdue! Hot damn this is hot to watch. He shoved his cock while holding Bastian's head. He wants to make him gag which he did a few times. It was then Alex's turn to suck Bastian's big cock. These 2 guys sure have nice big cocks. We weren't sure if Alex was going to fuck Bastian raw or wrapped so we were waiting for that moment to happen and it did. Alex got Bastian on his 4 and penetrated the tight hole right away... RAW! The 2 friends were now connected in more ways that one. Bastian was moaning of pleasure and Alex was giving it good. Finally, the 2 best friends jerked off and unloaded their loads on Bastian's stomach. The guys left very happily and we can't wait to hear more from them in the future.