Alex Morgan vs Gerasim Spartak


Alex Morgan and Gerasim Spartak were ready for a fight, but they’re both going to be getting a whole lot more. It’s not Alex’s fault that being against the other guy’s sweaty skin gets him harder than he’s ever been in his life. He tries to pin him but his cock takes over. He reaches up and rips off his leotard so can start sucking on his cock as hard as he possibly can. That’s when the other guy takes over and shoves his dick as deep into Alex’s asshole as he can get it until he shoots his load. Alex still has a load to blow, though. He gets up with the cum dripping down him and starts to jerk his own cock with Gerasim still behind him. He holds onto him and lets him know how much he wants to see Alex cum for him. He closes his eyes and jerks off until he feels the cum shoot out of his cock and splatter against the mat. He doesn’t bother cleaning any of it up. He wants to let it dry so the next two wrestlers will have to roll around in his cum and get covered in it.

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