Andrew Kitt vs Ariel Varga Photos


Andrew Kitt and Ariel Varga are both very good friends. They've known each other since they were very young. Andrew's mom used to work for Ariel's and so that's how the 2 hot boys got to meet each other. Andrew has always had girlfriends but he told us that he got his dick sucked a couple of times by guys. As for Ariel, he is gay and has had a crush on Andrew for a long time. He blushed when he said that and Andrew just laughed it off. So the 2 horny dudes are here today because they heard of our website, and well, they wanted to give it a try and release some sexual tension. We told them that we were happy to have them here but the rule was that whoever lost the fight, was the one getting the dick in the ass. They both agreed so we were ready to shoot! From the beginning, Ariel surprised us a lot when he grabbed Andrew and threw him on the mat. We were not expecting that at all. We kinda thought that Andrew was going to be very overpowering and Ariel was just going to be submissive but it looked like we were wrong. Actually we were definitely wrong as the fighting match went on, it was obvious that Ariel was gonna fuck Andrew! SWEET! Who doesn't like to see a straight dude getting fucked?! We let Ariel suck on Andrew's cock for a bit because we knew he had dreamed about that for so long. Once the guys were ready to fuck, Ariel did not think twice and spreads Andrew's ass chicks and stuck his cock right in, pounding and pounding. What happened to the submissive boy! Holy crap! Ariel is a hot fucking top for sure! He kept on fucking Andrew, enjoying every second of it. Finally, both guys jerked off and came at the same time. They had finally done it!