Ariel Varga vs Rudy Valentino


Ariel Varga and Rudy Valentino are featured in this week's episode. Ariel and Rudy have known each other for about 6 years. Both guys used to play for the same soccer team and that's how they became friends. Ariel tells us that there is a mutual attraction, and it's been there for years but they never acted upon it. We asked them if they ever fooled around, even just a little bit and Rudy answered really quick: "we kissed one time, but that's it!". His face was all red after blurting it out but it was all good, we smiled and they smiled. In my head, I was like "Boy, you are on for the trip of your life" lol. So first, we told the guys to just start playing around on the mat, wrestle a little and see what comes out of it. Ariel was mopping the floor with Rudy's body lol I don't know what was in his head but it looks like he had a real agenda and that was to fuck his buddy. After a while, it was obvious Rudy was the weakest here and Ariel pulled his cock out and said: "Come on, suck my dick bitch!". Ariel's dick was soft but it took no time for it to get hard. Rudy sucked on it, stroking it a little and savoring this delicious uncut dick. He then got on his back to let Ariel test his cock. And then came the time for Rudy to take it. Without waiting, he got on his knees and Ariel stuck it in. Rudy looked like he was in pain but hey, no pain no gain. Ariel pounded that ass. He then told Rudy to get on his back and fucked him some more. After a while, both guys stroke their cock and came all over Rudy's tight stomach.

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