Austin Nova vs Tim Law


Austin Nova and Tim Law have been friends for a long time and they had never had a serious disagreement before. Sure, they had discussions where they disagreed, but neither of them ever got very mad. All of that changed when Austin got into an argument with a mutual friend and expected Tim to be on his side. Tim wanted to be on Austin's side, but he felt that he was wrong and should apologize. Austin became angry about this because he felt betrayed by Tim. This brought a lot of feelings to the surface and Austin challenged Tim to a fight. Tim realized that, after arguing with his friend, there was something intense and sexual between them. He took a chance and suggested that the winner should fuck the loser in the ass. It only took Austin a few seconds to agree on the terms. He seemed to want the same thing. All he could think about was sliding his fuck stick into Tim's pink asshole and he was determined to win. It proves to be harder than he thought because Tim is tough. He puts up a fight, but Austin gets the better of him and wins. He's so excited about winning that he's already hard and jams his dick into his asshole just like he wanted. Tim then rides his stiff cock hard and it penetrates him deep. He then lies on his side to take it some more and cums all over his inner thigh before Austin cums on his stomach.

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