Axel Green vs Alex Morgan


Axel Green and Alex Morgan are wrestling for fun but that’s not going to last very long. As soon as Alex gets his face in front of Axel’s sweaty crotch, he just can’t stop himself. He pulls off his clothes and sucks Axel’s cock right into his mouth. He wants something more than to keep on wrestling now. He gets on his knees and lets his asshole tell the other guy that he’s more than willing to take him deep inside. Axel pounds into his ass on the mat until he shoots his thick, hot load into his friend’s heaving body. He’s not going to let things end there, though. Alex still needs to drop his own load. He grabs onto his cock and starts stroking it as hard as he can. Axel helps him out by kneeling over him and letting him suck on his dick so he can taste his cum and his own asshole at the same time. That’s all it takes for his load to start blowing all over his own stomach. Then he just lays there until he gets the energy to get back up and get ready for the next wrestling match that will end the same way.

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