Chad Johnstone vs Dominik Black


Chad Johnstone and Dominik Black always get together to watch movies and television shows because they are good friends. They usually like to binge watch the same television shows together and they just finished one. They started discussing which show they should watch next. Chad wanted to watch a new horror show and Dominik wanted to watch a comedy. Neither of them were willing to cave so they decided to fight to see who got their way. The winner didn't just get to watch the show he wanted to watch. He got to stick his dick in the other one's tight little asshole. They were happy with those stipulations because they had been wanting to fuck each other for a while. They start rolling around on the mat and they look like they are having a blast touching and hugging each other. They go back and forth for a while, but Chad is the superior fighter and he stands as the victor while Dominik gets on his knees sucking his dick and rubbing his balls. Chad then sucks Dominik's dick for a bit then looks him right in the eye while he slides his big cock in his asshole. It's extra tight and you can tell by the way Dominik is moaning. Chad then turns Dominik around with his head on the mat and his ass in the air so he can fuck him even deeper. He fucks him hard then Dominik turns around sucking the dick that was in his asshole.

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