Chad Johnstone vs Martin Muse


Chad Johnstone and Martin Muse are two hot friends who inseparable. One of their favorite things to do is to watch movies together. Well, this time, Chad wanted to watch a horror movie, but Martin was in the mood for a drama. One of them usually concedes, but neither one of them would give in this time. They argued about it for a while and finally concluded that they should fight and settle the argument. They didn't want to hurt each other, so they came up with the added stipulation of sex. At the end of the fight, whoever stood victorious would get his dick sucked and he could ram his dick in the other one's ass as deep and hard as he wanted to. They are each ready to do the ramming. Both seem more concerned with touching each other than fighting, but they still manage to have a pretty good match that Chad ultimately wins and stands on the mat while Martin gives him a deep and passionate dick sucking. After Chad takes his turn at cock sucking, Martin lies on the mat with his legs spread so Chad can enter him. Chad then lies down so Martin can mount him and ride him with his big dick flopping up and down. Martin wants it deeper so he sits down hard and wiggles his ass around letting out with a loud moan when his friend's cock touched him deep inside and they end up jerking off together until they cum.