Corey Law vs Miguel Alves


Corey Law and Miguel Alves are both very charming young men. That's why they have such a huge circle of friends. They have a lot of friends, but they don't hang out with anyone more than each other. That's why Miguel got mad when Corey started teasing him in front of their other friends. They were in a music store and Miguel kicked over a display of CDs. All the friends laughed, but Corey would not let it go and kept poking at him. Miguel finally got angry and got in Corey's face. Corey seen that his friend was upset and he wanted to settle it so he suggested that they go home and fight it out. He suggested that the winner should fuck the other one in the ass. He didn't think Miguel would agree, but Miguel had been wanting to get sexual with his friend for a while. The fight was on. They have big smiles on their faces when they fight and it looks like they want to get straight to the sex. Miguel's ass is hanging out of his uniform and it seems like he wants to lose on purpose so he can get ass fucked. The end of the match comes and Corey can tell he's going to win. His dick is already hard inside his shorts. Miguel pulls his friend's shorts down and starts bobbing his head on Corey's cock like he was a circus seal then stands up and bends over to receive his ass fucking.