Corey Law vs Tim Law


Corey Law and Tim Law had been friends for a long time and neither one of them knew that the other one was gay. They both realized at the same time when they started crushing on the same guy. They had never been in an argument the entire time they had been friends so this hostility was new to them. What started out as a little harmless competition turned into constant arguing and it was beginning to affect their friendship. Tim wasn't about to let that happen, so he came up with a solution. He told Corey that, to save their friendship, they should fight to settle their differences. The one who wins gets to have his way with the other. Corey asked what he meant by "have his way with the other". Tim just smiled and they squared off on the wrestling mat. They are both skinny and fast so it's a pretty good match. Corey proves to be the tougher friend and wins the match. He straddles Tim's chest while Tim sucks his cock. Giving a blowjob made him horny so Tim's dick is already hard when Corey pulls his shorts down and starts sucking. Corey then lies on the mat and Tim climbs on top and starts riding him while he jerks himself off. He then lies on his side to get fucked some more and jerks off some more and they both end up cumming. They are now even closer friends because they drained each other's nuts.