Dale Madden vs Erik Spector


Erik Spector has been good friends with Dale Madden for a long time, but there is one thing that Erik never liked. Dale has a dirty mouth and it always embarrasses Erik when they go out somewhere. Erik was not feeling very good emotionally one night and he was bothered even more than usual. He finally decided to say something. Dale didn't appreciate that Erik was being so judgmental and they ended up getting in an argument. Dale made a bold move and made an attempt to use his dirty mind to his advantage. He challenges Erik to a fight and tells him that the winner gets to put his dick in the loser's ass and mouth until they both cum. He waits for Erik's response and Erik just walks out of the room. He returns with his wrestling uniform on and tells Dale to go put his on before he changes his mind. Dale is smaller than he is and he is sure that he can take him. That proves to be easier said than done because Dale is pretty tough and gives Erik a good fight. So good, in fact, that Dale wins the fight and straddles Erik's chest so he can pull his dick out of his shorts and slide it into his mouth. Dale then licks and sucks Erik's cock balls deep with his hand on his chest. Erik then lies down on his side while Dale lies behind him giving him a deep dicking.