Dale Madden vs Milo Hudson


Dale Madden and Milo Hudson are both friends and roommates because they enjoy each other's company. The longer they live together, the more Milo feels the need to say something to Dale about getting his shit together. He lost his job and all he does is sit around in his underwear and play video games. Milo never said anything to him before because he liked seeing him sit around in his underwear. He finally decided to say something one night when he came in from work and the apartment was a mess. He tells Dale that he needs to get up off his ass and get a job. Dale tells him that he's been trying but there is nothing available. Milo does not accept that answer and they become more and more aggressive. They both like wrestling so they decide that, instead of fighting and risking injury, they should wrestle. To up the ante, they decide that the winner will have anal and oral sex with the loser. Milo is so skinny and Dale is so strong that Dale picks him up and throws him down on the mat and they both start rolling around and wrestling. Dale is just too strong for Milo and Milo ends up getting pinned and lies on his back while Dale fills his mouth with his fat dick. Dale then gives him a blowjob in return then butt fucks him deep and pulls out so he can cum all over his ass.

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