Danny Austin vs Andrew Kitt


Gorgeous twink friends Danny Austin and Andrew Kitt are alike in a lot of ways. They share a lot of the same interests, but one of the main things they like is superhero movies. Batman is their favorite and they agree that he is the best superhero around and they always get excited when a new movie comes out. They got into a discussion one day about all the actors who have portrayed Batman in movies and on TV. Danny things Keaton is the best, but Andrew thinks that Bale is the best. It begins as a harmless discussion and they start insulting each other. Tensions run high and it seems like they are about to fight. Since they are about to fight anyway, they decide to set it up and fight on the wrestling mat. They both know that the fight isn't going to be serious and they decide that it's best to add a stipulation. They are going to follow up the fight with sex. The winner will pitch and the loser will catch. They grapple for a bit and end up on the mat. There isn't much fighting going on because neither one of them have very many skills. They wrestle enough to work up a sweat and then work up even more sweat by sucking each other's cocks. After some spirited blowjobs, they lie in the spooning position fucking and jerking off. They both end up cumming with the help of a giant black dildo.