Greg Noll vs Jamie Oliver


Today we have 2 real hot dudes: Greg Noll and Jamie Oliver in the studio shooting for us. Both guys were very relaxed prior to the shoot and didn't seem to be nervous at all. The 2 guys have known each other for 18 years! Pretty much all their lived, so no wonder why they are very at ease with each other. Greg has wanted to fuck his buddy Jamie for a long time but Jamie said he was nervous about it and didn't know if he wanted to take it that far which is the reason why they came to shoot for us. To let destiny take its course :) As soon as the camera was on, both guys started wrestling and having fun. They kept laughing and smiling even though we could tell that Jamie was getting nervous. After all, it looked like Greg was gonna kick his ass lol And he did! Poor Jamie was going to get fucked. But first, we got the guys suck each other. Just enough to "break the ice" hehe Greg and Jamie both have a very nice cock and they definitely enjoyed sucking. Then came the time for the XXX action, Jamie got on his knees, doggie style! Greg got behind him and simply stuck it in, without any lube. Poor Jamie just had to take it all and said nothing. After some gentle fucking, Greg went for it and pounded Jamie's tight hole. It was hot to watch these 2 friends fuck! After a while. Greg jerked off on top of Jamie, giving him a thank you kiss. How cute :)