Greg Noll vs Tyler Fox


Tyler Fox is back in this episode of and this time, he brought his buddy Greg Noll. Now, how these 2 guys met seems to be a mystery. We asked the question to the 2 best friends, but their answer was pretty vague. Something to do with Greg's father messing around with Tyler a few years ago. Apparently, they didn't want to give more details but we'd sure like to know full story, who knows, maybe one day we'll know. Anyway, back to this episode. Tyler and Greg have now been best friends for a few years now so you can definitely tell there is brother love there. The guys seem very comfortable with each other and we could tell when they start wrestling on the mat. Watching them playing around and trying to overpower the other was very fun to watch. Even though this was all in fun, they knew that something more serious had to come out of this friendly fighting. After a while, we had a winner. Greg won and was going to fuck his best buddy! Without waiting, Greg pulled out his very nice uncut cock and let Tyler suck on it and oh boy, did he do a good job. Greg moaned the whole time so that must have been a good blowjob. Then finally came the time to fuck. Tyler did not waste any time and bent over so fast that Greg stuck his cock in right away. It took a minute or 2 for Tyler to get used to Greg's dick but after that, he took it all. It was so hot to see Tyler looks at the camera while he was getting pounded. So hot! Finally, Greg got on his back and Tyler jerked off on top of him, cumming all over Greg's stomach. What a nice video it was!