Jack Finix vs Justin James


Close friends Jack Finix and Justin James had not hung out together for about a week and they were looking forward to watching a movie together then have a few drinks at their local bar. Jack showed up at Justin's apartment and noticed that Justin was wearing a new outfit. Jack thought that his new clothes looked a bit silly. Justin told Jack to stop talking trash about his clothes, but Jack would not let it go. Suddenly Justin pushed Jack and they got in each other's face. Jack came up with an idea for them to settle their fight before things got too intense. He told Justin that he's been wanting to fuck him for a while, so they could fight on the wrestling mat and the one who is victorious would get to have anal sex with the other one and spread his asshole apart with his throbbing cock. There is a lot of movement when they fight, but not a whole lot of fighting. They are having too much fun pressing their bodies up against each other. Jack finally ends up winning, but Justin probably let Jack win so he could suck his cock and feel him inside of his asshole. He definitely seems to enjoy the blowjob he's giving as much as the one that he gets from Jack. After getting his cock sucked, Justin starts riding Jack's dick while Jack jerks him off giving him immense pleasure making him very glad that they are friends.