James Huck vs Erik Spector


James Huck and Erik Spector are wrestling for loads. That means that the winner gets to give his to the loser. It doesn’t matter how he wants to do it. The loser has to do whatever the winner wants. After this match, the winner wants a nice, long blowjob. Then he wants to take his cock and shove it into the other guy’s asshole from behind. That could have been the end of it, but he wants him to remember that he lost. That’s why he jerks himself off all over his chest so he has to smell his cum. Erik still gets rewarded after the loss. James leans over after the last few drop of cum hit his chest and takes his stiff cock into his mouth. He doesn’t have to do much to make it cum. Erik holds his head and slides his dick in and out of his mouth until a massive load shoots off in his mouth. He keeps thrusting while his cum drips out his mouth and doesn’t stop until his ball sack is completely emptied out. James swallows as much as he can but isn’t afraid to let some of the cum drool out.